Everything about Electric Fence !

Everything about Electric Fence ! ( Part 1 )

King Akbar wanted to fortify his fort against intruders. So he summoned Birbal and asked him for a solution. Birbal demanded two days time to reply. In these two days, Birbal attended training session on securing perimeter conducted by A-1 Fence, and he became a champion in electric fence. Birbal went back to Akbar with a solution he was sure would impress his king. Little did he know that he would be attacked by a plethora of questions from his curious and concerned king. Does Birbal emerge successful in giving an apt reply to his king, Let’s find out:


Birbal: Oh great King, the solution to your problem is ELECTRIC FENCE.

Akbar: What do you mean by that? Never heard of it before.


Birbal: Electric fence is as the name suggests a fence powered by electricity. The fence is made up of 6 or more thin conductive wires that run parallel to each other and horizontally. The wires are connected to a device known as Energizer. This device transmits high voltage pulses all along the fence line.


Akbar:  I never imagined electricity will one day be used to protect ones’ perimeter. What exactly do you mean when you say high voltage.

Birbal: The voltage ranges from 5000 V to 9500 V.

Akbar: Then I don’t think I will use electric fence, as such a high voltage will definitely kill my own subjects, won’t it.

Birbal: No It won’t. Because….  Akbar(before Birbal could finish): What rubbish. Any one will immediately be electrocuted on contact. I thought Birbal was wisest minister of my court.  Birbal(amused): Even 100 V, if continuously applied can cause death. The reason Electric fence does not kill is that the Energizer emits such a high voltage in form of pulses of very small time duration. To be precise 0.3 ms. You take more than 10ms to blink your eye, that small is the duration. This pulse width is what makes electric fence safe. Always remember, it is not voltage that kills, it is current for long time period that kills. Moreover, the Energizer works on a small 12V, 7 Ahr battery, which has little potential to kill. Electric fence is 100% safe and totally NON LETHAL. Thus, electric fence is an active electronic guard that constantly protects your property.  Akbar(scratching his chin): Hmm…technology has advanced a great deal. So you mean to say the current on fence is AC(alternating current).  Birbal: No, AC might kill.  Akbar: Then are you suggesting it is DC.  Birbal: No DC will definitely kill.  Akbar: Now you will tell there is a third type of current.  Birbal: Sort off, the nature of current on the fence, as I already told you, is pulsating DC.  Akbar: Oh, ok. What will happen to our cattle, goats and other farm animals, will they die?  Birbal: No they won’t. In fact Electric fence can be put to good use to control animals. With this, you can keep our animals inside and unwanted(untamed, wild) animals outside as maybe the requirement.  Akbar: Nice, my next query is … Birbal: Sorry to interrupt ..can we discuss tomorrow ? need to leave for the day…... cont.. Part 2
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