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Razor wire is a concertina coil with sharp edges whose purpose is to prevent passage by humans. The term “razor wire”, through long usage, has generally been used to describe barbed tape products. While razor wire is much sharper than the standard barbed wire, it is named after its appearance, but is not actually razor sharp. However, the points are very sharp and made to rip and grab onto clothing and flesh.The multiple blades of a razor wire fence are designed to inflict serious cuts on anyone attempting to climb through and therefore have a strong psychological deterrent effect. Razor wire is used in many high-security applications because, while it could be circumvented relatively quickly by humans with tools, penetrating a razor wire barrier without tools is very slow and difficult, giving security forces more time to respond. Razor wire is a central strand of high tensile wire, and a steel tape punched into a shape with barbs. The steel tape is cold crimped tightly to the wire. Razor wire is manufactured with a galvanized tape (Zinc coating ranging from 120 gsm to 275 gsm) and Galvanized core wire (diameter: 2.5mm) with zinc coating 90 gsm to 275 gsm). For more critical razor wire applications, stainless steel tape and stainless steel core wire is used. Razor wire is available in two forms:
  • Unclipped
  • Clipped in concertina form
Razor wire in concertina form, the coils diameter ranges from 300mm to 1000mm. Lower diameters usually consist of three clips per loop and higher diameters consist of five clips per loop. Razor wire fence are manufactured at A-1 Fence Products Company primarily in following five blade:
  • Fish-hook blade
  • Long blade
  • Tear blade
  • Medium blade
  • Short blade
  Razor Wire Fish-hook Blade Razor Wire Fish-hook Blade is the metal in the middle that has gone through the most gyrations. All hooks have an eye to tie your line to, a sharp tip to pierce the fish�s mouth and a barb to hold it in place. Although there are a wide variety of innovations in point design, it�s the shank & the bend that have changed the most. Razor Wire Long Blade Razor Wire Long Blade is a vicious product when manufactured of toughened stainless steel blade material. It is usually used for Prison fencing. Extra Long Blade Razors provide maximum frightening effect. A-1fence has been specializing in the manufacture & export of razor wire fencing and put much energy into the quality improvement incessantly. Razor Wire Tear Blade Razor Wire Tear blade is an hybrid of medium blade and long blade, more vicious than a medium blade and more economical than long blade. Razor Wire Medium Blade Razor Wire Medium Blade is an improvement on the short blade variety at a cost-effective price level. It is used widely for commercial and industrial applications. Medium blade razor wire had a much sharper edge and quickly gained the reputation of being an extremely effective low cost security product. Razor Wire Short Blade Razor Wire Short Blade is the original profile of Razor wire barbed tape, developed for military applications. Although mostly replaced by medium blade, it is still preferred by some organizations. Razor Wire Flat Wrap A-1 Fence also manufactures razor wire fence in the �flat-wrap� form to different customized configurations. Please do write to us and our team will visit your premises for the product demonstration.
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