Heras Gates

A-1 Fence, in association with Heras International offers to the Indian market, some of the finest gates perfected by Dutch engineering

Delta Gates

Standard Configuration:
  • The Delta is available in the following configurations Heracles, Atlas and Pegasus
  • Centre-to-centre distance of bars is 135 or 150 mm
  • Facilities to prevent the gate being blown shut and to prevent it from running out of its guide
  • Sliding gates of 7 m and more are available with a rear slam support
  • Sliding gates are available with conventional guideposts
  • Single or double-leaf; double-leaf configuration have a central slam support
  • All versions are prepared for electric operation
Strong Qalities:
  • Light-weight, as a result requiring little effort to operate it
  • The stretch construction of the beam makes the gate strong and stable
  • All critical bolt and nut connections are fully concealed
  • Modular construction means that the parts are easy to replace
  • Lock with a steel catch plate
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Galvanised and aluminium parts are pre-treated before coating. Electrostatic powder-coating is then applied, after which the coated materials are cured in an oven (210 QC) to create a durable coating with an average thickness of 80 urn and a hardness of 80 buchholz. Subject to technical changes.

Key features:
  • Sturdy and elegant design
  • Wide variety of applications/li>
  • Clear width up to 24 metres
  • Proven technology

Technical Specifications:

Type Gate height Clear width Total space required
uGate 70/… 1.50/1.80/2.00/2.30/2.50 6999 16945
uGate 80/… 1.50/1.80/2.00/2.30/2.50 7999 19345
uGate 90/… 1.50/1.80/2.00/2.30/2.50 8999 21465
uGate 100/… 1.50/1.80/2.00/2.30/2.50 9999 23585
uGate 110/… 1.50/1.80/2.00/2.30/2.50 10999 26265
uGate 120/… 1.50/1.80/2.00/2.30/2.50 11994 28520


The iGate is available in two versions, Premium and Excellent. The iGate Premium can be expanded with the options of Convenience and Personalisation.

Key features:
  • Clear width up to 9 metres
  • Innovative design
  • Integrated LED signalling and lighting
Premium Excellent
Motor control 0.25 m/sec 0.25 m/sec
Control Dead man’s operation Pulse and /or single-button operation
Operation Key-operated switch Key-operated switch and 1 x remote control (receiver + hand transmitter)
LED White light on the front RGB on the front (choice of 1500 adjustable colours or colour patterns) white light on the rear
Design A choice of 5 standard designs Personalised
Flashlight Excluded Included
Gate position detection Included Included
Clear width (in cm)
Height dimensions (in cm)
150 150 200
· · ·
· · ·
· · ·
· · ·
· · ·
· ·
· ·
Innovative design Perforated plating
Innovative design Perforated plating
LED signalling iGate configurator
LED signalling iGate configurator
The iGate sets new standards as regards design, functionality and safety. The construction and use of high-quality aluminium guarantee reliability and durability. The iGate proves that beauty can also be functional. The elegant round shapes of the gate and the column combine with the perforated panels of your design to make an unmistakable statement. The cantilever construction offers a clear width of 3 to 9 metres and the height of the sliding gate can vary from 1.5 to 2.5 metres. The iGate is available with a gate leaf that slides to the left or to the right.  

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