Does A-1 Fence only supply chain link fabric or the complete system?

Ans. A-1 Fence supplies complete chain link systems, to the last nut and bolts.

What are the different coatings one could do to resist corrosion?

Ans. The most common protective coating for chain link fabric is zinc. Zinc sacrifices itself protecting the steel, and further offers cathodic protection. Galvanized wires are available with varying zinc coatings. Second, chain link can also be made out of wire which is coated using a combination of zinc-and-aluminium. Thirdly, Polyvinyl Chloride coating not only prevents corrosion but also adds colour and makes the fence more attractive.

Is A-1 Fence able to provide powder coated frame work to go with PVC coated chain link fabric?

Ans. Yes.

What standards does A-1 Fence adhere to in chain link fencing?

Ans. The following ASTM standards are adhered to:
  • Specification for Zinc Coated Chain-Link Fence Fabric (A 392-96),
  • Specification for Polyvinyl Chloride Coated Steel Chain-Link Fences (F 668-96).

Can the gloss and colour of PVC coated products be adjusted to meet existing product line?

Ans. Yes.

Is the PVC used, UV stabilized?

Ans. Yes.

Which countries have you already supplied your chain link systems to?

Ans. America, UK, Middle East, Australia, India, Ireland, Guatemala, etc.

Is A-1 Fence open to third party inspection?

Ans. Yes.

Can samples of products be provided to conform the quality before placing the orders?

Ans. Yes.

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