Keeping up with its commitment to innovate and finding better perimeter fencing solutions, A-1 Fence introduced a woven wire mesh fabric which is, at the same time, more cost efficient and stronger than conventional chain link fence. Owing to the neat honeycomb structure this mesh makes, it called Honeycomb Fence®.

The advantages this fence scores over a convention chain link is because of the number of time two adjoining wires are twisted with each other. Chain link fence is formed by two adjacent wires being linked together (by weaving), which results in formation of a rhombus (or ‘diamond’ as it is more commonly known), each end of an individual diamond has the adjoining wire crossing each other once. Thus, if the chain link is cut or breaks at any one point, the fence completely breaks down as the links release themselves of each other because of the weak weaving structure.

To counter this disadvantage, A-1 Fence made a small change, and made the two adjoining wires twist with each other five times, and this results in a structure close to hexagon than a rhombus. These 5-twists result is strong woven structure, and even a few cuts to the fence fabric do not allow complete disintegration. The same property also lends more strength to the fence fabric even in a smaller wire diameter, thus, with less steel one gets a stronger structure.

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