What is electric fencing?

Ans. Electric fence is, as the name suggests, a fence made up of alternate live and earth electric wire. The fence wires are powered by a unit know as an energizer, which circulates short impulses of voltage along the fence line in series/parallel connection. Voltage is fed into the fence from a start point and monitored from the end point. Thus any change of voltage along the fence line due to poor maintenance, intentional meddling with the fence wires or any other reason can be effectively detected and on detection can trigger the alarm system. Thus, electric fence is an active electronic guard that constantly protects your property.

What is electric fence used for?

Ans. Electric fence is used to demarcate and deter trespassers from encroaching into one’s property. In other words, electric fence is used to mark one’s territory and keep unwanted intruders (human/animals) outside (or inside as might be the requirement) their territory.

How does electric fence deter and demarcate?

Ans. Deter : Anyone touching the fence will get a high voltage but safe/non-lethal shock thus stopping them from proceeding and creating a psychological deterrent. Since it is a pulsating voltage, the person does not get stuck to the fence but is rather thrown back due to electrical force.

Demarcate : Electric fence can be considered as a physical barrier just like ordinary fences or walls.

Is electric fence safe?

Ans. Yes, electric fence is 100% safe. The width and interval of the shock pulse is so adjusted such that out heart can sustain such a shock without any harm. More over it does not leave any mark on one’s skin at the point of contact. The electric fence system is totally NON-LETHAL.

Is installing electric fence around one’s property legal?

Ans. Electric fence is a legal system. Refer IS 302: Part 2: Sec 76 – Safety of Household and Similar Electrical Appliances – Part 2: Particular Requirements – Section 76: Electric Fence Energizers.

What powers the fence?

Ans. The fence is NOT powered by direct mains. The fence is powered by a unit know as energizer. An Energizer is an embedded system which works on 12V battery and generates high voltage impulses and circulates them throughout the fence system. Energizer operates only from battery. The AC mains is used only to charge the battery.

Does electric fence consume a lot of energy?

Ans. No, electric fence does not consume a lot of energy. As a matter of fact, electric fence consumes electricity no more than a ceiling fan. The energizer can also work directly on SOLAR power making the running costs virtually ZERO.

What happens if the fence wires are cut or shorted?

Ans. Along with deterring and demarcating, the electric fence system also detects. Thus if at any point on the fence, there is an open circuit or short circuit, the system will trigger an alarm system, thus alerting the security guards and the owner of the property.

Can electric fence be installed with existing wall or fence?

Ans. Yes, electric fence can very much be installed with existing wall or fence. In case of wall, electric fence is installed on the top of the wall. In case of existing fence, electric fence can be attached to existing fence with the help of offset brackets. Alternately, we can also install a free standing electric fence some distance inside the existing fence system.

Why should I install electric fence?

Ans. Adding electric fence to your property greatly increases the security and maximizes the detection of any intrusion. Thus you may install electric fence to increase the security of your property.

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