A-1 Fence is able to offer a complete package in partnership with experts at hot dip galvanizing. Hot dip galvanizing is perhaps the most important process, which goes a long way in ensuring products lengthy lifetime.

It is important for the end user to differentiate between hot dip galvanizing and electroplating. Hot dip results in a protective metallurgically bonded alloy coating that protects the steel from corrosion, which is not the case with Electroplating. Simply put, Hot dip is a way superior process of galvanizing as far as protection from corrosion is concerned.

At A-1 Fence, any project that involves hot dip galvanizing after fabrication, several design decisions are made to ensure top quality galvanizing. Some of the more important issues considered are – Bend diameters, Cold worked steel processes (like bending, drilling, punching, shearing), Overlapping surfaces, Venting and draining, Moving parts, etc.

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A-1 fence products is a manufacturer of high quality steel fencing with core competency in customized fencing solutions.

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