At A-1 Fence, we have a world class powder coating facility in our newly established completely automated powder coating plant. The plant is located 160 Kms from Mumbai, India.

We are the pioneers in using Oxsilan – the eco-friendly solution for metal treatment. We have a comprehensive pre-treatment facility. The metal surface is made free from all undesirable impurities like oil, grease, scales etc. before Oxsilan reaction takes place. Oxsilan results in better adhesion of powder and better corrosion resistance.

We have maintained a healthy paranoia in our pre-treatment process, for its absolutely critical for the surface to be well cleaned for a good powder coating finish. The pre-treatment line includes a hot spray line along with a pre-heating oven. The hot spray pre-treatment line is a sequence of ten spray zones – one hot water rinse, two hot degreasers, two cold rinse, one de-ionized rinse for better cleaning, then Oxsilan & three more DI rinses, before entering the pre-heating oven for drying prior to powder coating.

Our powder coating line has a set up for dual coating, each having its own curing oven. For highest quality of coating the surface is passed through first powder coat, then partial curing oven, and then through a second powder coat and finally through the final curing oven. This allows us to get higher DFT, which gives an excellent quality, durability and longevity.

Powder coating booth has been designed in association with powder spray systems from leaders in this industry. This spray system is coupled with electro-mechanical reciprocator. For the highest quality of finishing we have installed special powder management system with ‘Spray Police Part Sensing System’.

Advantages of which are:

  • Automatic triggering of guns which results in spraying only during presence of parts, no spray in the line gaps.
  • Better film thickness accuracy.
  • Less wastage.

The automatic intelligent guns bring with them the most cutting edge technology. These guns ensure highest quality finish, better productivity and uniform dry film thickness.

We have also established a reverse osmosis plant with automatic control system in connect with the pre-treatment and effluent treatment plant for complying with effluent quality as per the norms.

For controlling chemical concentrations in bath solution, conductivity, pH, in process parameters as well as final inspection parameters such as DFT, hardness, adhesion, salt spray etc., we have a sophisticated well equipped lab, enabling us to meet if not surpass international quality standards.


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