Aesthetic Appeal

The equally spaced wire mesh allows for a beautiful pattern which imparts an aesthetic appeal to the perimeter it secures.

No Nuts & Bolts

Bell profile posts are uniquely designed to attach the panels directly on the post without the use of any fixing components.

Multiple Colours Options

Various colours available to match your style which adds aesthetic appeal. Colour gamut : Green, Red, Yellow and White.

Weather Resistant

Made with Hot Dip Galvanized steel and then Powder coated with ____ GSM provides the gate with superior corrosion & dust resistance.

Multiple Post Options: Post options available

Bell Profile SHS RHS CHS H-Profile

Bendtop (Optional)

The fence can be customised with bendtop option making the fence suitable for internal demarcation like walkways & gardens


Post Type Height (mm) Width (mm) Mesh Size (mm) Wire Diameter (mm) Coating
Baseplate Grouted Vertical Horizontal
Bell Profile 700 - 2500 1000 - 3100 2440 4.5 4.5 Hot Dip Galvanized, TPC, PPC. 10 - 25
H-Profile 2485
SHS/RHS 2470



Perimeter Security